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The story of It’s July

It’s July is a new startup with the vision to change how families around the world meet & travel. It's July matches between families for an experience - where a local family is the host and a traveling family is the guest. 

How? It's July is introducing a new type of experiences for families, where families from all kinds of lifestyles and interests can host other families for an activity of their choice, anything from a homie meal or a picnic in the park to a joint hike in nature, gaining meaningful and enriching moments with the children.

Following our success in top cities around the globe, we are currently building our pioneer community of families in the United Kingdom.

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What kind of experience can a family host?

You are welcome to host any kind of experience you would like to have with another family. Experiences range from a home meal, a playdate, a short hike in nature, a workshop, or anything else you have on your mind.

How long does an experience last?

Usually 2-3 hours

Who attends the experience?

Since it’s a family-to-family experience, we recommend that all family members attend.

What is the goal of the meeting?

The focus here is around the kids - kids meeting other kids, probably a little different from them. The children will have a meaningful and an enriching experience, be exposed to new cultures, and learn to see the similarities instead of differences

How much does it cost to take part in an It’s July Experience?

For a limited time only, participation is totally FREE! Really. No catch.

Will we get details about the other family before we meet?

Of course. We will send you details about the other family, which you will approve before the final booking.

How is the matching and coordination being made?

We handle all the matching and coordination for you. Once we find you a match, we will contact you for the coordination. In parallel, we are building a platform that will allow direct booking through the system. Will keep posted on this :)

Anything else I need to know?

Please update us in case of change or update regarding the scheduled date so we can update the other family and find an alternative date. nn

Who’s behind It’s July?

It’s July was founded in 2020, a year where the world paused, with the vision to change the way families travel.The founders of It’s July have vast experience in leading roles in startups and international corporations. Tamar Liberman (CEO), Tal Provizor Narkiss(CMO) & Lee Winfield (COO).

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